Mrs Padmavathamma
10/09/2015 01:56:49 AM

I Mrs Padmavathamma 55Y / F of piler - Arthritis patient i was unable to walk and sit on my own. Total Knee Replacement surgery was done by Dr. N Purna Chandra Rao under Employee Health Scheme. Now I was able to walk without any pain and support on myself , Thanks a lot to Dr N Purnachandra Rao & their team.

Raghu Ram
10/09/2015 01:56:26 AM

I Raghu Ram, after investigation found out that Aminu's nerve was not supplying blood to my testicles. During follow up i came to know that adrenalin gland was swollen; later enlarged prostate was discovered and i underwent successful surgery under Dr Vijay Kumar Reddy

10/09/2015 01:55:47 AM

I Kanthamma was diagnosed with prostate cancer and with my neighbors suggestion came to PRH for treatment. Dr.Vijay Kumar Reddy performed the surgery. Within a day i was taken to the ward. my experience at PRH has been excellent. Post surgery i feels psychologically relieved and has not been facing any problems. I believes PRH is one stop place for all kinds of medical problems.

DMS Narayana
10/09/2015 01:55:02 AM

I DMS Narayana (57yrs) – postal department my spine got injured 2 years ago due to an accident. I couldn't find anybody to help for the past 2 years. With Purnas Remedy Hospitals, my recovery was well & post surgery i am back to my work . Thanks a lot to Purnas Remedy Hospital .

10/09/2015 01:54:42 AM

I Sirisha 32Y, Tirupati – Piler - knee started to increase, when i consulted an Orthopaedic doctor in Tirupati, the treatment was more temporary to just enable my basic movements for some time. Post after my daughter's research i came across Purnas Remedy Hospital and came for the treatment. The pre operative tests built me confidence for the surgery. The post operative physiotherapy has also helped in my fast recovery. Now i was happy after my Total Knee Replacement